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Company Logos on Barrier Covers Get NoticedBarrier jackets are prime advertising space. Placing your company logo on these barrier covers – which are usually located in high-visibility areas – can give an extra push to your branding initiatives.  Our team of designers will work with your existing logo or artwork. However, we also have created special elaborate custom barricade jackets for […]
Steel Barricades - When to use Which BarrierCrowd control barricades are used at a wide variety of locations, from events that draw tens of thousands of attendees to outdoor cafes serving only a few dozen patrons. These interlocking steel barriers can be used to physically block large crowds from entering a no-access area, or to serve as a visual signpost which will […]
Custom Bollard Covers for Parking Lot Safety Colorful bollard covers, made of polyethylene, give your lot an attractive, eye-catching look. They improve your aesthetics and they make your bollards more visible to drivers. And they eliminate the need for constant re-painting.
Building Brand Awareness with Barrier Jackets and Outdoor Banners Barrier jackets, covers which fit over crowd control barriers, are commonly placed in very visible locations, resulting in numerous exposures for any logo appearing on the jackets. Outdoor banners, flag-type displays, are similarly placed in high-traffic areas for the express purpose of attracting exposure to a logo or message. In surveys, patrons frequently have high recall of brands and logos they have been exposed via items such as banners and barrier jackets at major public events.
New Extremely Portable Retracting Police Barrier The Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barricade is a foldable police barrier that can easily be transported in police cruisers and is simple to store. This heavy-duty 37 lb barrier provides immediate security with minimal set-up and transportation effort.
Customizing Line Management Stanchions with Promotional Messages The posts and retractable belts of line management stanchions can be customized to display the name or logo of a store, or of a sponsor. Belts can be printed to show off a colorful logo, name, or other worded message.
Temporary Safety Fence Secures Construction SiteThe Manager of Sewer Operations at the City of London uses Tamis Corporation’s Perimeter Patrol welded wire panels to create an attractive and safe perimeter around their work zones. These panels are one of the best construction safety fence options out there. Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics with Tamis Perimeter Patrol At the City of London, […]
Heavy Duty BLOCKADER vs. Standard BLOCKADERThe Classic Blockader crowd control barricade has been a staple at many events and sites since its introduction over 30 years ago. More recently, Blockader introduced a Standard model which is a little lighter in weight and more economically priced. The Classic Heavy Duty Blockader remains the ideal choice for organizations that don’t want to […]
Sequestration’s Effect on Airport QueuingIt’s just been implemented and already the effects of sequestration have hit hard.  Lines at major airports have ballooned to 150-200% of their normal size, creating delays and headaches for many travelers. According to the Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP), at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York, there were approximately 56 […]
Customer Frustration in your Grocery StoreAsk customers to identify their most common frustrations in a grocery store and a wide variety of answers will abound. Many shoppers are annoyed by the arrangement of products within the store, or instances when stores re-arrange the merchandise.  Others reserve their highest frustrations for the behavior of their fellow shoppers (such as other customers […]
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