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Are you buying disposable barriers?You may not know it but the steel barriers you are buying may be what are known as disposable barriers.  Disposable barriers are steel barriers that are only designed to last less than two years.  They have a great price tag, unfortunately, life is not as great.  Even worse, they start showing severe visual signs […]
How To Select Steel Barrier BasesIntroduction The most vulnerable part of a steel barricade is its bases.  The wear and tear caused by the use and movement of a steel barrier will most often become evident in damage to the bases. To minimize the risk of having any of your barriers “out of commission” due to base damage, purchase barriers […]
What is Crowd Management?For three decades, The Tamis Corporation has established itself as a leader in the crowd management and control industry. However, it may be unfair to assume that the definition of crowd management is common knowledge. Put simply, crown management is the controlling of a large group of people to prevent an outbreak of disorder or an unsafe […]
Scissor Gates - Quick, Easy, Cost Efficient SecurityPeace of mind has never been so simple and affordable with scissor gates! Secure your business, residence, valuables, or whatever you covet behind a high quality, sturdy scissor gate from Blockader Gates. These accordion-style security gates are manufactured from heavy-duty galvanized steel and provide more strength than any other folding gate on the market. Blockader […]
PVC Coated Barricades: A Hazard From Start to FinishPolyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) is one of the most widely used plastics in production today. However, this material is proven to have a profound negative impact on human health and the environment. In fact, PVC is hazardous throughout its entire life cycle, from production through use and disposal. In one year of production, PVC consumes […]
Hot Dip Galvanized Barriers – Long Life Span, Good InvestmentTo ensure that any crowd control barriers you purchase will have a long-life span, make sure they are hot-dip galvanized. Barriers that are only painted, rather than hot-dip galvanized, will begin to rust quickly.  And rust is most frequently seen at the point where the bases meet the frame. The Tamis Corporation, manufacturer and supplier […]
Barricade Jackets in StyleIntroduction to Barrier Covers Steel crowd control barriers accessorized with vinyl jackets are becoming an increasingly common sight at venues and events nationwide. When they feature jackets (also sometimes called covers), crowd control barriers not only serve their practical purpose but also function as an effective marketing or communications tool. Attendees of major sporting or […]
Beer Garden Kits Regulations and OrdnancesWhether it is a festival, parade, concert or tradeshow, Beer Gardens are useful for any event. A Beer Garden is defined as an open area where beer and other alcoholic beverages are served or consumed. Generally, Beer Garden barriers promote safety and set restrictions to actions (such as underage drinking) and allows event staff to better […]
A Guide Through The Steel Barrier Purchase MazeWherever crowds gather, from parades to political rallies to sporting events, steel barriers are now a common sight.  Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel understand that barriers are an important part of the crowd control mix.  Barriers have been among the tools used to ensure crowd management at events ranging from the Olympics to […]
Wrap It Up - Barrier Jackets Come Of AgeIntroduction to Barrier Jackets About 20 years ago, the steel barrier became the dominant crowd control device. Barriers increasingly became a common sight at parades, sports events, festivals, amusement parks, concerts, and conventions. Savvy companies and event management personnel soon came to the conclusion that barriers, being so noticeable (not to mention so physically close) […]
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