Scissor Gates – Quick, Easy, Cost Efficient Security

Last updated Friday, November 3rd, 2023

Peace of mind has never been so simple and affordable with scissor gates!

Secure your business, residence, valuables, or whatever you covet behind a high quality, sturdy scissor gate from Blockader Gates. These accordion-style security gates are manufactured from heavy-duty galvanized steel and provide more strength than any other folding gate on the market.

Blockader Gates industrial folding scissor gates are available in several sizes and can be utilized for a multitude of applications.  The single fixed steel folding scissor gates are perfect for securing dock, receiving, garage and service doorways as well as hallways and entranceways up to 12 feet. If you have a larger doorway you can take advantage of Blockader Gates double fixed steel folding scissor gates. Blockader Gates are also available indoor and window sizes ideal for securing a store after business hours.

Blockader Gates, a division of Tamis Corporation, has been an established retailer of industrial security gates for decades and has established a reputation for quality products and knowledgeable customer service. For more information about our continuously expanding product offering visit or call 1-866-851-7854.

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