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Innovative Uses of Crowd Control Barriers: Beyond the OrdinaryIntroduction to the Innovative Uses of Crowd Control Barriers Crowd control barriers are often seen as mere functional tools used to manage and direct crowds, especially in busy public areas and during events. However, the innovative uses of crowd control barriers has expanded beyond traditional applications, transforming them into versatile tools that serve multiple purposes. […]
Safety Barricade SystemSafety barricades systems and accessories allow for endless options. The safety barricade system consists of specialty barricades that are superior in strength and quality to the competition. We use a superior rotationally molded process using recyclable polyethylene.
Infographic: Single Line QueueingDid you know that the waiting line is more important than price or selection in determining customer satisfaction? Check out the infographic.
Black Friday Crowd Management Planning and ProductsBlack Friday, and the extended Black Friday weekend, is the busiest shopping time of the year. Retailers capitalize on this by offering special promotions on exciting new products or hot-selling items. But a huge crowd, in an excited state, can lead to potential problems.
Sanitizing Wipe DispenserAs the threat of Coronavirus continues to rise and spread fears, it’s important to be concerned with protecting yourself and those around you. Recently published reports have revealed that the virus can remain active on surfaces for up to 9 days.
Tamis Hand Sanitizing ProductsAt Tamis, we offer a comprehensive hand hygiene platform to meet the health needs of a variety of markets. From innovative products to thoughtfully designed dispensers, our focus is on creating a comprehensive movement towards Healthy Hands to keep your employees and your customers healthy.
Instant Hand Sanitizing StationThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that “in addition to regular hand washing, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also effective in killing the flu virus. Our Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs on contact.
Queue Management Systems, Products and Best PracticesWhen gathered at events or commercial establishments, people generally expect that they may have to wait in line. Along with this acceptance, however, is the expec­tation that the line will be managed competently and that patrons will be treated fairly.
Planning Crowd Control For Your EventAs the size of public and special events grows, the planning role becomes more difficult for event organizers. In addition to making basic preparations for an event, organizers must also take public safety and security needs into consideration and be prepared to respond to anything that jeopardizes the safety and welfare of the attendees and staff.
5 Ways to Manage Graduation CrowdsA commencement ceremony is a time for people to come together to celebrate the triumphs of the graduating class, these ceremonies inevitably increase crowds around campus. Safety and security personnel understand the enhanced need to take precautionary measures for the influx of people during this time.
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