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Advantages of the Tempest Outdoor Stanchion Choose the Tempest Plastic Post for durable, all-weather crowd control! This post is the ideal choice for outdoor safety barricades, crowd control, and public guidance.
Advertise in Your Queue Line to Alleviate Customer Stress The space between stanchions has been ignored for too long. Q-Banners take advantage of this unused real estate between stanchions, turning that space into an area to display high impact advertisements that will catch the eye of anyone in your queue! LED Light Boxes are another way to display high upside products and entice customers to purchase high-margin items on the spot.
Buying Drapes for Pipe and Drape Set-UpsIntroduction to Pipe and Drape Components When preparing a display using pipe and drape components, questions regarding the quantity of bases, uprights, and drape support rods are a simple matter of mathematics – once one knows the amount of space that needs to be covered, calculating the number of these components is clear-cut. But what […]
Plastic Jersey Barriers Prove Value in Emergency SituationsRegularly used for crowd control and highway traffic control, Plastic Jersey barriers have also recently proven to be vital emergency response tools in times of crisis or natural disaster. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Plastic Jersey barriers went into service to assist clean-up efforts, protect emergency personnel, and help maintain public order and […]
Choosing between Plastic vs. Concrete Jersey BarriersIn which circumstances would it be to your advantage to set up Plastic Jersey barriers, as opposed to concrete Jersey barriers? For long-term projects on major roadways (such as interstate highways or turnpikes), for which miles and miles of barriers are needed, concrete barriers are the most common choice. However, many small jobs or short-term […]
The Rotational Molding ProcessPlastic products – such as Plastic Jersey barriers used for highway and construction site safety – which are produced via the rotational molding (also called rotomolding) process exhibit strength, durability, and corrosion-resistance.  For many product applications, this process is the most economical manufacturing method, resulting in cost efficiencies which can be passed onto the purchaser […]
What is a Jersey Barrier? A 50 Year OverviewJersey barriers have helped to increase and maintain safety on numerous roadways since the 1950s.  Set up as walls which separate lanes of traffic, they are specifically designed to minimize damage and reduce the likelihood of a car crossing into oncoming lanes. Both the nature and the uses of Jersey barriers have evolved over the […]
Turnstiles: An Overview  Introduction Turnstiles are used to control entry to a site or event.  They restrict access to one individual at a time.  This is especially important where fares, fees, or tickets are a prerequisite to entry. From a business/revenue standpoint, turnstiles enable a venue to have an accurate, verifiable count of total attendance.  From a […]
Optical Turnstiles/Pedestrian Security LanesIntroduction Optical turnstiles (also sometimes referred to as “pedestrian security lanes”) use card-access systems and/or sensors to detect and count people walking through the lane.  They are an efficient and generally more stylish update of the traditional turnstile system, while providing state-of-the art security access control. Features/Advantages of Optical Turnstiles –Aesthetic/style: Pedestrian lanes provide a […]
Parking blocks and bollard coversIf you manage a parking lot or garage, whether it’s a stand-alone public parking site, the lot at a public venue, or the parking area at a business, you have a vested interest in reducing the likelihood of “fender bender” accidents in your lots. Parking blocks and bollards are two products that will reduce the […]
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