Choosing between Plastic vs. Concrete Jersey Barriers

Last updated Thursday, May 26th, 2022

In which circumstances would it be to your advantage to set up Plastic Jersey barriers, as opposed to concrete Jersey barriers?

For long-term projects on major roadways (such as interstate highways or turnpikes), for which miles and miles of barriers are needed, concrete barriers are the most common choice.

However, many small jobs or short-term projects can’t justify the cost of concrete. In these situations, choosing the Plastic Jersey option can result in time and cost savings, because the barriers can be moved with relative ease.

Unlike concrete barriers, Plastic Jersey Barriers are also reusable in a number of different circumstances.  The fact that they can be used for traffic control on roads, as well as in construction zones or water and sewer projects, can enable an entity to reduce their capital expenditures by purchasing Plastic Jersey barriers.

Plastic Jersey barriers are also frequently used at special events for security, as well as at airports and garages, for the purpose of access denial.

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