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If you have seen an Olympics in the last 30 years, you have seen our steel crowd control barriers. If you have been to an arena or stadium in the last 40 years, you have been in a line made with our belt stanchions, gone through our metal detectors, thrown your garbage away in one of our cans.

Have you been on a highway while it was under construction?  If so, you have most likely seen our plastic water barriers protecting the workers and the vehicles or seen our electronic message boards letting you know about a detour.

You may not have known our name, but you have certainly seen and been protected by our products!

“Thank you so much Danielle, your customer service is great and it makes a difference in my day!”

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Experience Across Many Industries

For more than 40 years, Tamis has worked hard to become the leader and experts in crowd management in North America. We work with all the large industries from convention centers to construction companies to government agencies, mega-churches, power plants, malls, casinos, racetracks, grocery chains.  We also look out for our smaller customers like local pizza shops that need a scissor gate and golf courses that need plastic chains to keep the golf carts off the greens.

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By being involved in different industries, Tamis can bring fresh ideas to our customers. Considering that the products we supply are not consumables, or ordered regularly, customers depend upon us to keep them current of what is most appropriate when the time to order arrives. One of the key benefits to our customers is that Tamis also stays current on changes in the product line of all the well-known suppliers. We also keep our eyes open to new suppliers.

Everyone has constraints. Maybe it is the timeline, or the budget. No matter, in every case your Tamis expert can come up with solutions to address your wants and needs. That is why you should never purchase crowd management products without talking to Tamis. We help you avoid mistakes, even if you decide not to purchase from us.

The majority of our business over the history of the company has been repeat business, or referrals. We are confident that when you have worked with us on 2 or 3 projects, you will become one of those repeat customers too.


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