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Tamis Corporation Product Faq

Welcome to our product FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where you can find answers to common questions about our products. Whether it’s crowd control, traffic safety or queue management product questions, we have you covered with the answers below.

Any questions not answered can be found through our product specialists by calling or filling out our contact form.

I’m not familiar with ordering plastic Jersey barriers so I have a lot of questions. Who at Tamis Corporation can help me?

Any one of our well-educated sales associates can get you the answers you need. We can provide extensive, detailed information on all barriers. We’ll answer your questions so you can select the barrier best suited to your needs.
Simply call our toll-free number 800-448-2647 any time Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.
You can also reach us by completing our Contact Form. You’ll receive a reply before the end of the next business day.

Which works better; sand filled barriers or water filled barriers?

This is dependent on the nature of your project or application. For a permanent barrier, use sand to reinforce the plastic jersey barrier. For temporary barricades, fill with water.

Won’t the water freeze?

It can. If using water-filled barriers in areas where freezing and thawing may occur, there are two options recommended by the manufacturer.

Fill the water to within 10” from the top. This allows room for expansion as the water freezes. – THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED METHOD

Add 1-1/2 gallons of Calcium Chloride to each barrier. Calcium Chloride is acceptable to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is approved in ALL states. – THIS IS NOT THE PREFERRED METHOD

*WARNING – We do not recommend mixing any substance with water inside the plastic jersey barriers.

View more Information About Calcium Chloride from the EPA

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How do I choose the correct retractable belt stanchions for my needs?

Selecting the ideal retractable belt barrier can feel daunting given the array of options. However, focusing on these essential aspects can simplify your decision:

  • Base Type: Opt for cast iron bases in areas of high traffic or frequent movement for superior durability. In contrast, concrete filled galvanized steel bases are more cost-effective for lighter traffic and stationary positions.
  • Base Style: In busy areas, a low-profile base minimizes tripping hazards, enhancing safety.
  • Belt Length: Longer belts mean fewer stanchions needed, which saves on costs, reduces setup time, and minimizes storage space. Choose a 10’ to 13’ belt for smaller queues and a 15’ to 16’ belt for larger, high-capacity systems.
  • Number of Belts: While single belt stanchions suit many scenarios, twin belt models deter line ducking and meet ADA compliance. For keeping customers in line or managing queues with small children, consider a triple belt stanchion.
  • Cost: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness by dividing the stanchion’s price by the belt length to determine the cost per foot of barrier.

What materials are used in your belt stanchions?

Our stanchions are constructed with durable steel or stainless-steel posts, combined with either cast iron or galvanized steel bases. We also offer models with heavy-duty rubber bases for enhanced stability in commercial and outdoor settings.

Are retractable belt stanchions customizable?

Absolutely! You can tailor every component of your stanchion to match your preferences. Our selection includes a variety of stock colors and metal finishes, alongside over 200 custom colors available on a short lead time. Belts come in 50 stock colors and can feature custom printing with your logo. Additionally, we offer a Post Wrap option for custom printing on the post itself, and even the post top label can be branded as required.

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How long and tall are Perimeter Patrol fencing panels?

Each Perimeter Patrol temporary fence panel is 6 feet in height and 7.5 feet in length.

How much do Perimeter Patrol fence panels weigh?

Each fence panel is 37 pounds.

Are Perimeter Patrol panels easy to set up?

Yes. A panel can easily be moved and set up by one person.

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