Plastic Jersey Barriers Prove Value in Emergency Situations

Last updated Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Regularly used for crowd control and highway traffic control, Plastic Jersey barriers have also recently proven to be vital emergency response tools in times of crisis or natural disaster.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Plastic Jersey barriers went into service to assist clean-up efforts, protect emergency personnel, and help maintain public order and safety in New York and New Jersey.  The barriers were set up to establish road closings, re-direct traffic, and replace railings along the Hudson River that were damaged by Sandy.

Plastic Jersey barriers were also used to block off “no access” areas, protect areas in which public safety or maintenance personnel were working, and establish “walls” at the bottom of hillsides.

In addition to their most common usage on highways and in construction zones, Plastic Jersey barriers are also frequently employed as security barriers in emergencies such as floods or other natural disasters.  They have also been successfully used to block off closed zones at airports or garages, and for the purposes of anti-terrorism protection.

Due to their portability (they can be moved easily by two individuals) and versatility, Plastic Jersey barriers ideal for short-term projects.  For more information on the use of these plastic, water-filled barriers, visit, or call 877-394-6104.

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