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Gates Secure Buildings at Schools and UniversitiesSecuring property at schools and universities is a challenge because buildings are frequently kept open for events long after “classroom” hours are over.  Even though only a small area of a building may be used for an evening or weekend event, all or most of the doors of the building remain unlocked. How can schools […]
Temporary Fencing Panels: An OverviewIntroduction Temporary fencing is utilized in circumstances where permanent fencing is unnecessary or impractical.  Temporary fencing is most commonly seen surrounding the perimeter of construction sites, special outdoor events, parking areas, and emergency/disaster relief sites. Temporary fencing is used when an area needs barriers for the purposes of public safety or security, crowd control, theft […]
Scissor Gates - Quick, Easy, Cost Efficient SecurityPeace of mind has never been so simple and affordable with scissor gates! Secure your business, residence, valuables, or whatever you covet behind a high quality, sturdy scissor gate from Blockader Gates. These accordion-style security gates are manufactured from heavy-duty galvanized steel and provide more strength than any other folding gate on the market. Blockader […]
PERIMETER PATROL™ Fencing a Hit at Baseball/Softball FieldsThe same fence panels you see around many construction sites and parking lots – or around the perimeters of some public events – may soon be coming to a ball field near you. PERIMETER PATROL™ welded wire fence panels have gained recognition as an attractive, durable and safe alternative to chain link fence.  Featuring striking […]

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