Gates Secure Buildings at Schools and Universities

Last updated Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Securing property at schools and universities is a challenge because buildings are frequently kept open for events long after “classroom” hours are over.  Even though only a small area of a building may be used for an evening or weekend event, all or most of the doors of the building remain unlocked.

How can schools keep an environment which grants people access to open areas while maintaining security in areas that are not open to the public?  Many use industrial gates to block off select areas and protect valuable property.

Industrial folding security gates, while often associated with warehouses and other industrial applications, can be very useful for schools and universities.  These gates (also sometimes referred to as scissors gates or accordion gates) can block off and secure hallways and add an extra level of security for existing doorways.

During after-school and weekend times, a school can close off hallways to cafeterias, science labs, locker rooms or equipment rooms with heavy-duty steel gates.  Gates provide security by preventing unwanted access while allowing the areas to remain both visible from the outside and well-ventilated.

Schools and universities also utilize gates to block off garage door openings and loading dock entrances.  They can also be used to secure specific areas of stadiums, arenas, and gymnasiums.

Numerous size and style options for gates are available.  Single gates cover hallways or openings up to ten feet wide, while double gates cover widths of up to 24 feet.  Door gates cover standard doors of up to four feet wide.  Portable gates lock wall to wall and feature wheels.

Installing portable security gates at key hallways and entranceways can provide school and university security managers with peace of mind that their facility’s buildings can remain the gathering places they must be, while their valuables are protected.

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