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Black Friday Crowd Management Planning and ProductsBlack Friday, and the extended Black Friday weekend, is the busiest shopping time of the year. Retailers capitalize on this by offering special promotions on exciting new products or hot-selling items. But a huge crowd, in an excited state, can lead to potential problems.
Advertise in Your Queue Line to Alleviate Customer Stress The space between stanchions has been ignored for too long. Q-Banners take advantage of this unused real estate between stanchions, turning that space into an area to display high impact advertisements that will catch the eye of anyone in your queue! LED Light Boxes are another way to display high upside products and entice customers to purchase high-margin items on the spot.
Customer Frustration in your Grocery StoreAsk customers to identify their most common frustrations in a grocery store and a wide variety of answers will abound. Many shoppers are annoyed by the arrangement of products within the store, or instances when stores re-arrange the merchandise.  Others reserve their highest frustrations for the behavior of their fellow shoppers (such as other customers […]

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