Advertise in Your Queue Line to Alleviate Customer Stress

Last updated Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Waiting in a queue is as universally bemoaned as it is widespread; virtually every monetary transaction we engage in is preempted by a wait in line. Because it can be such a monotonous endeavor, a wait in a queue is an amazing opportunity to provide customers with bright, engaging images that will catch their eye, and in so doing, highlight products and services your customers are sure to love.

Our LED Light Boxes provide an energy-efficient means to display high-upside products and entice customers to purchase high-margin items on the spot. Our Light Boxes are capable of displaying your graphics under even lighting for 70,000 hours and will be sure to catch the eye of anyone in your queue, turning their wait into a period of productive window shopping.

With sleek, aluminum frames ranging from 0.7 to 0.9 inches thin, these Light Boxes feature an intuitive snap-frame design for easy access, making changing the contents of the boxes a breeze. LightBox sizes range from 9” x 13” up to 34” x 38” to accommodate any size advertisement, menu, et. al. These Light Boxes can be hung from a chain or wall-mounted, allowing for whichever method best suits your needs. Single and double-sided models are available.

Q-Banner Rollersign Custom Queue Line Belt Stanchion Banner with Mesh Printing for Outdoor Use

Empty space is wasteful, so what better way to mitigate the wasted space in your queue than with our Q Banner Stanchion Billboards. These billboards will make the most of your unused real estate between stanchions, turning that space into an area to display high impact advertisements that will not only catch the eye of anyone in your queue but will also help sell high-margin, high-upside items.

Our Q Banner Stanchion Banners provide your business with the opportunity to print any custom logo or message, allowing for a highly personable, personalized customer experience. Your customer’s wait in line will fly by as their attention is drawn to your customized Q Banner Stanchion Banner.

Banners are easy to install and store away easily on any of your stanchions via the unused belt. Banners can be changed quickly—in under two minutes, so you can return quickly to providing customers with excellent service in a beautiful, engaging environment.

Q Banner Stanchion Banners are compatible with any stanchion, ensuring that you won’t spend any money making your stanchions compatible.

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