PERIMETER PATROL™ Fencing a Hit at Baseball/Softball Fields

Last updated Thursday, July 14th, 2022

The same fence panels you see around many construction sites and parking lots – or around the perimeters of some public events – may soon be coming to a ball field near you.

PERIMETER PATROL™ welded wire fence panels have gained recognition as an attractive, durable and safe alternative to chain link fence.  Featuring striking Powder coat colors (basic stock in yellow or black), these 6 foot high by 7.5 foot wide panels are more aesthetically pleasing than galvanized (silver) chain link.  Additionally, PERIMETER PATROL™ rectangular mesh (two inches by four inches) has no sharp edges, because it is welded into the center of the tubular panel frame.

Main1 240X300 1Both of those features are leading some schools to explore using these welded wire fence panels as the outfield fences for their baseball or softball fields.  The lightweight panels (42 pounds each) are easy to set up, and the rectangular mesh means no sharp edges for players to be injured on. (Out of season, panels can be used elsewhere for events and/or security.)

A high school in Portland, Oregon recently purchased PERIMETER PATROL™ temporary fence panels, in black, for their softball field.  In previous seasons, the school had used 4-foot high “plastic mesh / PVC pipe panels.”

This attractive fencing serves as a sturdy outfield fixture.  Panels connect with each other via panel clamps. Ground base weights can be placed on the top of the panel bases for additional stability.  There are a variety of anchoring products. Ideally, the anchoring solution should be on the outside of the fence line (the “out of play” area) to ensure player safety. Depending upon the field surface (if grass or dirt), 30” Ground Spikes are available, to secure the bases and help prevent movement of the fence. [NOTE: Always check with your utility provider prior to driving steel spikes into the ground.]

This utilitarian fence system can be enhanced for hitters by using a roll (68”h x 50’long) of Black windscreen as a hitters backdrop. This material is easily attached to panels using black plastic ties, giving the hitters a dark background.

With color, the extra height of the fence, and the panel’s mesh pattern, PERIMETER PATROL™ welded wire fencing panels, available from the Tamis Corporation, will give a major-league look to any school’s baseball field.

All packages ship on the Engineered Steel Transport/Storage pallet. This pallet ensures efficient and safe transport and storage for panels when they are not in use. Lockable security bars are built into the ends of the pallet and are able to be locked to help prevent theft.

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