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Are Your Recycling Habits Garbage?Blue means to recycle, right? It seems simple enough; however, there is a lot of confusion behind how to properly recycle. Studies show these are some of the top reasons people don’t recycle: INCONSISTENT LABELING Standardized labeling on bins make it possible for people to recycle right. However when labeling is inconsistent it causes public […]
Calculating the Weight of Filled Plastic Jersey BarriersHow much will your Plastic Jersey barriers weigh when filled with either water or sand?  That will depend on a number of different factors: The model and size of the barrier Whether you fill the barrier with water or sand If filling with sand, the type of sand How much water or sand you put […]
Product Placement Opportunities with Barrier JacketsCrowd control barriers are such a ubiquitous presence at public events that they sometimes blend into the background and are not at the forefront of anyone’s consciousness.  This is something that film and TV producers can take advantage of, by using these barriers as a vehicle for product placement. Barriers are visible in many movies, […]
Pipe and Drape Booth OptionsIf you are going to be exhibiting at a tradeshow or craft show, you will need to make a decision about the size and type of a booth you will buy.  Companies that are organizing or hosting an exhibition will offer you the option to buy various types of pipe and drape booths.  Depending on […]
Folding Gates: A PrimerSteel folding gates are used at various sites to secure areas such as hallways, doors, or entranceways.  They are sometimes referred to as “scissor gates” or “accordion gates” due to their look and the way they expand and contract.  With folding gates, one has the ability to close or lock off an area, while maintaining […]
Gates Secure Buildings at Schools and UniversitiesSecuring property at schools and universities is a challenge because buildings are frequently kept open for events long after “classroom” hours are over.  Even though only a small area of a building may be used for an evening or weekend event, all or most of the doors of the building remain unlocked. How can schools […]
Temporary Fencing Panels: An OverviewIntroduction Temporary fencing is utilized in circumstances where permanent fencing is unnecessary or impractical.  Temporary fencing is most commonly seen surrounding the perimeter of construction sites, special outdoor events, parking areas, and emergency/disaster relief sites. Temporary fencing is used when an area needs barriers for the purposes of public safety or security, crowd control, theft […]
Waste Receptacles: A PrimerAny place of business, or public venue, needs waste receptacles to maintain cleanliness and convey the proper image.  While commercial waste receptacles were once considered a “necessary evil,” they are increasingly thought of as an important element in a site’s décor.  Now, the style and aesthetic compatibility of a site’s waste receptacles are considered as […]
Cable protector enables venues, events to safely cover power lines, reduce tripping hazardsPublic facilities and public events frequently need to cover power cables or utility lines that are located in any area where the public will be walking at the event site.  Securely covering these cables not only ensures safety for pedestrians but also protects cables or wires from damage. The Firefly Cable Protector features highly visible […]
Give all elements of your trade show booth a coordinated design with custom printingThe overall look of your tradeshow booth – the visual impression it presents to attendees as they walk towards it – is the single most important factor in determining whether your company will have a successful trade show experience. To make sure that your booth is visually attractive, make sure all elements in the booth […]
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