Are Your Recycling Habits Garbage?

Last updated Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Blue means to recycle, right?

It seems simple enough; however, there is a lot of confusion behind how to properly recycle. Studies show these are some of the top reasons people don’t recycle:

    Standardized labeling on bins make it possible for people to recycle right. However when labeling is inconsistent it causes public confusion leading to millions of tons of garbage being thrown in recycling bins.
    Although a majority of people feel this way, it could not be further away from the truth. Once upon a time, you had to separate all your recyclables, now all your recyclables can go in one single container.
    While we still hear about global warming and closing landfills that is not an indicator that recycling is not making a difference. In fact, it should motivate us to increase our efforts.

T-Cans not only offers attractive options for your facility but our recycling receptacles separate different materials into its own compartment utilizing signage that could not make recycling easier.

Our options get two green thumbs up.

  • Separate plastic, paper, bottles, cans, and compostables/organics
  • Simply separate trash and recycling.
  • Our products are all consistent with all the guidelines for recycling- that means our products are able to support schools, resorts, parks, factories, etc.
  • Sleek designs that will complement a range of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Ensuring your facility has appropriate receptacles is a small effort that greatly impacts our earth in the scheme of things. Recycling is crucial in today’s world if we want to leave this planet for our future generations. We can all come to a consensus that the process should not be so difficult.

Did you know? – according to

  • On average one person generates about 4 pounds of trash.
  • Americans combined make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year.
  • About 75% of waste is recyclable- only 30% of it is actually recycled.
  • Landfills are amongst the biggest contributors to soil pollution.
  • We throw away 28 billion bottles every hour- it takes about 500 years for an average-sized plastic water bottle to fully decompose.

We all have a responsibility as humans to take care of our planet.

Facilities all over the country are making an extra effort towards recycling the right way! Will you join these leaders?

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