Cable protector enables venues, events to safely cover power lines, reduce tripping hazards

Last updated Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Public facilities and public events frequently need to cover power cables or utility lines that are located in any area where the public will be walking at the event site.  Securely covering these cables not only ensures safety for pedestrians but also protects cables or wires from damage.

The Firefly Cable Protector features highly visible LED lighting strips to call attention to the cable protector. This increases public awareness, thereby reducing the tripping hazard, reducing accidents, and limiting legal liability. Rows of LED lighting run along the side of the protector, alerting pedestrians that a covered line is ahead.

The all-weather cast polyurethane construction makes the Firefly Cable Protector strong enough for use at stadiums and arenas, construction sites, convention centers, amusement parks, hotels, and any other site at which wires and cables need to be covered and protected. The protector is available in a highly-visible bright green color, which recent studies have shown to be the most visible color to pedestrians.

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