Give all elements of your trade show booth a coordinated design with custom printing

Last updated Thursday, October 19th, 2023

The overall look of your tradeshow booth – the visual impression it presents to attendees as they walk towards it – is the single most important factor in determining whether your company will have a successful trade show experience.

To make sure that your booth is visually attractive, make sure all elements in the booth are well-coordinated in their design, colors, and overall look.  Most “pieces” of a typical trade show booth can be printed with the same eye-catch visual graphics, which results in an attractive, cohesive message being presented to the attendees.

The Tamis Corporation works with exhibitors to design booths that feature numerous visual and structural touch-points that all feature custom printing.  All these elements work together graphically, so, the entire booth comes across as a single entity, rather than a collection of disparate elements.

Exhibitors can have all these features of a typical trade show booth designed and printed so that visually, they work perfectly together:

Backdrops or back walls: Exhibitors that go beyond a standard drape background always attract more attention than the competition.  Backdrops are most often the largest single element of a booth area, and there is a wide array of backdrop styles that, when coordinated graphically with the remainder of the booth, will serve as an effective central focus.

Banners or flags: Design the graphics of banners (or flags) to reinforce the general message of the booth.  Banners with logos can attract the attention of attendees who are long distances away from the booth.

Table cloths: Many booths feature one or more tables, which are often used to display brochures, tabletop displays, or even computer screens.  Table throws can be printed with a company’s logo, or simply in a color that compliments the remainder of the booth.

Counters: If a speaker or other personnel are going to be standing behind a counter, make sure it is also thematically coordinated with the rest of the booth because it will be a visual focal point.

Funnels or towers: Structures such as funnels and towers encourage traffic flow into your booth and provide very effective real estate for your branding.

Hanging structures: These structures connect to the ceiling and hover above a booth, calling attention to the booth from anywhere in the exhibit hall.  Custom printed hanging structures will make initial and lasting impressions on attendees.

Tablet or iPad stand: Many exhibit booths now feature a tablet for the display of video or the company’s website.  The stands which hold the tablets can be custom printed to match the overall décor of the booth.

Signs: Any signs within the borders of a booth, whether table-top or situated in sign stands, should be designed using the same overall look of the booth.

Design concepts can make or break the impact of a trade show booth.  A booth that conveys focus on a single message in a graphically coordinated way will attract attention, attract visitors, and help a company achieve its business goals.  Make your display stand out by working with the Tamis Corporation to have your exhibit booth elements custom printed.

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