Parking blocks and bollard covers

Last updated Thursday, May 26th, 2022

If you manage a parking lot or garage, whether it’s a stand-alone public parking site, the lot at a public venue, or the parking area at a business, you have a vested interest in reducing the likelihood of “fender bender” accidents in your lots.

Parking blocks and bollards are two products that will reduce the chance that vehicles entering a parking space will bump into another car, or into your walls or pillars.

Parking blocks should be strategically placed at the point in a parking space at which they will make contact with the vehicle’s wheels, alerting drivers that they cannot pull in any further without making impact with either the vehicle or the wall on the other side of the space.

Preventing vehicles from bumping up against each other makes your garage or lot run more efficiently and promotes the fact that your garage is safe.  Drivers appreciate the warning that a parking block provides.

Preventing vehicles from bumping into your walls saves you the headaches of having to deal with angry drivers, and reduces the amount of repainting or other repairs you would have needed to undertake if collisions had occurred.

Plastic parking blocks are ideal because they withstand any weather conditions, will not buckle or break, and are easy to install.

Bollards are also used in parking lots to prevent vehicles from encroaching too far onto a sidewalk or open space, or into a structure.  They are intended to take a hit from the vehicle when a driver misjudges where the front or rear of the vehicle has ventured too far outside the borders of the parking space.

Because bollards do, by design, get struck by vehicles, their paint is often scraped or chipped. Additionally, in outdoor conditions, bollards are susceptible to rusting.  So, many lots are faced with two undesirable options – either unattractive bollards or the need to frequently repaint them.

Bollard covers solve these problems.  Colorful bollard covers, made of polyethylene, give your lot an attractive, eye-catching look.  They improve your aesthetics and they make your bollards more visible to drivers.  And they eliminate the need for constant re-painting.

With their domed top and smooth surface, bollard covers are available in numerous colors and are sized to fit bollards of any height and diameter.

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