Are you buying disposable barriers?

Last updated Monday, May 30th, 2022

You may not know it but the steel barriers you are buying may be what are known as disposable barriers.  Disposable barriers are steel barriers that are only designed to last less than two years.  They have a great price tag, unfortunately, life is not as great.  Even worse, they start showing severe visual signs of deterioration early on.

Signs You Have a Disposable Barrier

Non-Removable Bases – A pedestrian barrier’s base is its weakest point.  If it gets damaged and is not replaceable, the entire barrier needs replaced.  In this image, you can see where the base was bent and is now rusting through.

Failing Welds – In this particular barrier, the base welds are failing.  This is the primary stabilizing factor of this barrier and its ultimate weakness.

Poor Hook Design – Hooks tend to get bent, especially if they are not inserted through the frame.  When you are looking to purchase a quality barrier, make sure your hooks go through the frame and are double welded.

Spot Welds – Spot welds are inherently weak and are not well suited for steel barriers.  They are, however, much cheaper than saddle welds.  This practice saves the manufacturer in production costs but you will ultimately pay for it with an inferior product.

The Blockader Advantage

The Classic Blockader is specifically designed to last for years.  Learn more about the advantages of Blockader Steel Barriers.

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