Customizing Line Management Stanchions with Promotional Messages

Last updated Thursday, October 19th, 2023

An audience waiting in line is a captive audience.  It is also an audience that studies have found to be hungry for information and distractions.  Companies have long utilized point of purchase products and signage as ways to communicate with their customers while they are waiting in line.  But many sites are now using their line management equipment to enhance their branding efforts.

The posts and retractable belts of line management stanchions can be customized to display the name or logo of a store, or of a sponsor.   Belts can be printed to show off a colorful logo, name, or other worded message.  Belt lengths usually range from 8.5 feet to 16 feet, so logos or messages on them will be very visible to patrons.  Additionally, more stanchion models now feature a 3- inch wide retractable belt (one inch wider than the standard 2-inch belt), which provides extra space to display branding or advertising messages.

Post-wraps, which slip over and cover the stanchion, can be printed with logos or promotional messages.  Since line management set-ups often feature numerous posts (to establish the “borders” of the line), messages placed on posts will result in highly-visible exposures to customers.

Wraps are available in two options.  The full-sleeve covers the post from top to bottom and is frequently used for branding.  Half-sleeves are most commonly used to convey simple worded instructional messages.

The tops of line management posts can also be used for branding or messaging.  Adhesive stickers featuring a logo, name, or brief advertising message can be printed and affixed to post tops.  Again, because of their location in customers’ sight-lines, post tops, just like retractable belts and the posts themselves, are prime real estate that can be used to communicate messages to patrons.




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