Building Brand Awareness with Barrier Jackets and Outdoor Banners

Last updated Thursday, October 19th, 2023

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Brand awareness is defined as the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers.  Many brand awareness campaigns are designed to reinforce an organization’s identity through repeated exposure to its logo.

If a company’s logo receives enough exposure that it becomes a common visual and mental reference point in the public’s mind, then a customer’s impression of that brand will be triggered whenever that logo is seen.

Organizations striving to achieve or maintain brand awareness have numerous opportunities to showcase their logo in advertising or promotional materials.  Many companies purchase sponsorship packages associated with specific events, venues or teams.  These packages guarantee the placement of their logo on a wide range of locations throughout the event or venue.

Many of these sponsorship arrangements are now also incorporating barrier jackets and outdoor banners in the mix.  Barrier jackets, covers that fit over crowd control barriers, are commonly placed in very visible locations, resulting in numerous exposures for any logo appearing on the jackets.

Outdoor banners, flag-type displays, are similarly placed in high-traffic areas for the express purpose of attracting exposure to a logo or message.  In surveys, patrons frequently have high recall of brands and logos they have been exposed via items such as banners and barrier jackets at major public events.



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