Steel Barricades – When to use Which Barrier

Last updated Monday, May 30th, 2022

Crowd control barricades are used at a wide variety of locations, from events that draw tens of thousands of attendees to outdoor cafes serving only a few dozen patrons.

These interlocking steel barriers can be used to physically block large crowds from entering a no-access area, or to serve as a visual signpost which will channel smaller, peaceful crowds in the proper direction.

Heavy-duty crowd control barriers provide strength in situations where barriers are needed to prevent crowds from entering no-access areas, or keep spectators separated from participants.  Major sporting and entertainment events, and major parades are examples of events at which these crowd control barriers are a constant presence.

Lighter-weight barriers are designed for situations where crowds are smaller and merely need to be channeled in the proper direction.  The barrier creates line space or visually conveys a the border of an area.  You’ll see this model of crowd control barrier at outdoor retail locations or restaurants with an outdoor seating area.

Whether the circumstance calls for heavy-duty or lightweight barriers, they are an essential tool for ensuring crowd control and crowd management.

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