Heavy Duty BLOCKADER vs. Standard BLOCKADER

Last updated Monday, May 30th, 2022

The Classic Blockader crowd control barricade has been a staple at many events and sites since its introduction over 30 years ago. More recently, Blockader introduced a Standard model which is a little lighter in weight and more economically priced.

The Classic Heavy Duty Blockader remains the ideal choice for organizations that don’t want to buy replacement barriers every few years. When safety and security at large public events is your primary concern – when you need barriers to prevent crowds from entering no-access areas, or keep spectators separated from an event – the heavy-duty Classic Blockader provides the strength and reliability you need.

While designed with the same quality principles as the Classic Blockader, the Standard Blockader is designed for situations in which a barrier is needed to create line space or visually convey a blocked off area. When crowds are smaller and merely need to be channeled in the proper direction, the Standard Blockader does the job efficiently.

Steel Barrier Comparison

The Classic barricade, when set up in an interlocking crowd control line, provides both a physical and a psychological barrier that prevents crowds from knocking over or attempting to climb over the barricades. Police and security personnel, as well as event organizers, view Classic barricades as an essential crowd control tool.

The Standard barricade derives its cost savings by a slight reduction in the steel tubing used, and slightly slimmer uprights. This makes it easier to move and carry. In fact, Standard barriers feature a steel carrying handle. This portability allows you to easily change the size and direction of your lines when necessary.

Standard and Classic Blockader barriers will interlock perfectly with each other. The hook system is identical. Customers that have stock of one style can purchase the other style with complete confidence that the barriers will work together.

Summary Comparison of BLOCKADER Steel Barriers


Classic Blockader

  • For security at events with large crowds
  • Heavy steel (16 Gauge) for rugged use


Standard Blockader

  • For line delineation
  • Lighter steel (18 Gauge) for easy portability


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