New Extremely Portable Retracting Police Barrier

Last updated Monday, April 11th, 2022

Retractable and Portable Crowd Control Police Barrier Retracta-Cade Portable Barrier

For decades, police and fire departments have utilized sawhorse barricades and steel barriers to block off active crime scenes and potentially dangerous areas. While both of these products are effective in keeping pedestrians and bystanders safe from harm, they need to be brought to the scene by vehicles larger than the standard police car. This inconvenience meant first responders had to operate without a safety barricade, greatly increasing the risk of injury.

A retired New York Police Department Lieutenant took it upon himself to make a situation such as this safer. He developed the Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barricade, a foldable police barrier that can easily be transported in police cruisers and is simple to store. This heavy-duty 37 lb barrier provides immediate security with minimal set-up and transportation effort.

Retracta-Cade Features:

  • American Made – manufactured from rust-proof aluminum and impact-resistant plastic, designed to withstand impacts and harsh weather conditions
  • Sturdy Construction –  provides a secure barrier measuring 10′ L x 2’8″ D x 3’5″ H
  • Stores at Half the Size – retracts to 4’L x 8″D x 1’H – can be transported in car trunks and vans
  • Carabiner Linking System – Easily interlock multiple Retracta-Cades. Carabiners can rotate 180 degrees for endless configuration options







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