Plastic Crowd Control Barricades: An Overview

Last updated Monday, May 30th, 2022


Traditionally, the crowd control barricades that have been used at various sites and events have been made of steel.  This product has provided both a physical and psychological barrier to potential trespassers.

In recent years, the popularity of more lightweight plastic barricades has increased.

Plastic barriers are viewed as less labor-intensive, since they are easier to move.  Featuring bright, friendly colors, they are aesthetically pleasing.  Because of these factors, they have become popular in cases where barricades are needed in indoor settings.

Steel barricades are still the safest, most prudent choice for security where there are large crowds in potentially volatile situations (such as demonstrations, or outdoor rock concerts).  But plastic barriers are an acceptable alternative when barriers are needed to handle less dangerous line management jobs.

Plastic barricades have been used in popular family amusement parks and sites such as Busch Gardens, MGM Studios, Sea World, and Six Flags.


Plastic barricades are produced in two lengths: 2-meter (78 inches) and 1.25-meter (50 inches).  For both lengths, the height of the barricade is 1 meter.  The two-meter unit weighs about 26 pounds, while the smaller unit weighs just over 15 pounds.

In addition to being used as an alternative to steel barriers, the 1.25 meter plastic unit has also been effectively used in parking lots and on streets in lieu of traffic cones.

Plastic Barricade Features

Color: Steel barricades can be painted, but they are generally silver.  Plastic barricades are available in at least six colors.  Yellow is the most popular, but other available colors are red, green, blue, orange, and white.

Light weight: Whereas steel barricades most often take two people to carry, plastic barricades can usually be moved by one person.

Material: Plastic barricades are made from polypropylene material which is durable and recyclable.  Despite their lighter weight, these barriers have proven in tests to be very strong, and resistant to breaks or cracks, even when dropped.

Storage/Transport: Plastic barricades stack compactly for space-saving storage and easy transport.  Multiple barricades can be moved with a small cart.

Message Central

Plastic barricades feature a center space for the placement of a logo or message.  The largest suppliers of plastic barricades also offer custom logo decals (adhesive plastic) for placement in this center square.  Decals measure 11” x 11.5”.  Decals are an effective way to showcase an organization or event’s name or logo, an advertising slogan or message, or directions or instructions for event attendees.

Plastic Barricade Accessories

Xtendit Planks are an effective way to extend a line of crowd control barricades.  Planks (approximately 5 feet wide and 10 inches high) provide flexibility in circumstances when a full barrier is not needed.  One or two planks can be attached horizontally to existing plastic barricades.  Planks feature the same interlocking system as the full plastic barricades.

Xpandit plastic expandable barricades are three-foot-high plastic gates designed to block off hallways or entranceways.  They are only 16.5 inches wide when closed, but can open up to cover areas up to 11 feet.  Weighing only 15 pounds, they are very easy to carry.


Colorful and lightweight, interlocking plastic barricades are an increasingly popular crowd control and line management tool.  They are easy to move and store, yet very strong.

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