How to Identify Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

Last updated Monday, May 30th, 2022

A new slide show video presentation on the Blockader website ( provides an overview on how to choose quality crowd control barricades, and how to identify companies which supply heavy duty, rust-resistant steel barricades.

Because it is difficult to assess crowd control barrier quality based on a picture on a website, Blockader provides information and expertise to help customers protect their investments in these products.  The video slide presentation explains how to identify the characteristics of a durable heavy duty crowd control barrier and how to distinguish low-quality “copycat” barriers.

Often, in order to achieve a lower selling price, some sellers will cut costs in the production process, resulting in sub-standard barriers with short life spans.  Blockader barriers adhere to the standards which the company pioneered 35 years ago.  Blockader barriers feature quality materials, internationally-accepted sizing dimensions, and replaceable bases.  In addition, all steel barricades are hot-dip galvanized to ensure that they remain rust-resistant for years.

Crowd control barriers become even more valuable with barrier jackets featuring advertising/branding logos. With jackets making a visual impact, barriers are transformed into promotional/marketing space, and a revenue generator.  Visit the Barrier Jackets website ( to see the jackets Blockader has created for numerous sports teams, corporate sponsors, and venues.

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