Gates and Arches for Crowd Control Barricades

Last updated Monday, May 30th, 2022


Valuable accessories to crowd control barricades, gates and arches make steel barriers more functional by helping to channel the direction of crowds.  Arches help crowds see specifically designated areas, while gates allow a line to open up for planned or emergency access at designated points.


A gate (also sometimes referred to as a “swing gate”) looks like (and is constructed like) a barrier.  But instead of bases, it has two wheels for its feet.  One side of the gate will interlock with another barrier via standard barrier hooks.  The other side will feature a heavy duty steel latch which locks the gate with another parallel barrier to maintain a continuing line.

Gates are most valuable when placed intermittently among long lines of interlocked barriers with the purpose of allowing controlled access through the line.  This enables officials, police, and EMS personnel to open a gate when necessary for official or emergency purposes.

A gate can also act as a floodgate to relive heavy traffic congestion. Gates provide a necessary “emergency back door” in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Gates should swing both in and out, and should be manufactured so that all the weight is on the wheels (not on the hinged side).


Arches are commonly used with swing gates, but can also be used with standard steel barricades.  Arches can be completely open, or they can envelop (hovering over and around) one gate or one barrier.  They attach to a line of barriers via standard barrier hooks.

A standard arch is 10 feet high.  Many sites utilize arches to place a sign high above the crowd, so that designated areas are clearly visible.  Signs on arches are frequently used to designate a main entrance or a specific location such a handicapped entrance, employee entrance, or “Lost Children” area.

To ensure stability, arches should feature large (usually 3-feet) flat bases.


Experienced suppliers of crowd control barricades also offer gates and arches – companion products which make lines of steel barriers more customer-friendly in the real world.  When a long line of barriers needs to be accompanied by a clearly-visible sign for communication, arches do the job.  When a line of barricades needs to have periodic openings for safety or convenience, gates are the answer.

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