Efficient Moving and Storing of Crowd Control Barricades

Last updated Thursday, May 26th, 2022

A number of sites which maintain an inventory of crowd control barricades have found that utilizing carts which have been specially-designed to transport these barriers has resulted in increased time-efficiency, and decreased physical stress on employees.

The Tamis Corporation, manufacturer and supplier of Blockader crowd control barricades, has designed two models of portable carts that will help any site move barriers quickly and efficiently.  In the past, many locations had to either move barriers by hand-carrying them one at a time, or by moving a few at a time with a forklift.

A large portable cart holds 28 barricades and can be pulled or lifted by a forklift.  If a forklift pulls one cart from behind while simultaneously lifting a cart in front, that forklift can move up to 56 barriers at a time.  In contrast, without carts, a forklift can move only 15 (un-carted) barriers.

A smaller, basic push cart holds eight barricades and can be pushed by hand.  The large and basic carts can be used in combination with each other. For example, some sites use a large cart to move a high quantity of barricades from storage to a staging area close to their final destination, and then employ the small push cart to take barriers to their line space.  Then, at the conclusion of an event, carts are again used to efficiently move the barriers back into storage.

Blockader Carts are meant for internal, off-road use within private facilities, not for moving barriers on the open road.

For more information about carts for transporting and storing crowd control barricades, visit www.blockader.co/steel-barrier-carts/, or call 1-877-581-4738.

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