LineEx Plastic Barriers for the Gold Medal

Last updated Friday, October 6th, 2023

LineEx Plastic Barriers for the Gold Medal

When Olympian Rowdy Gaines reached out for better perimeter control – the Tamis team delivered.

Olympian and Vice President of Aquatics for the Central Florida YMCA, Rowdy Gaines, contacted Tamis. The Central Florida YMCA was selected to host the 2018 Pan American Masters Championship. Due to the nature of the event, and the expected number of attendees, they needed to secure the perimeter of the pool.

Previously, steel barriers were used; but they were in poor condition and wanted other options. A Tamis Account Manager recommended our LineEx plastic barriers. LineEx barricades are sturdy, vibrant, and lightweight. In casual crowds, plastic barriers offer a visually appealing and easy to set up alternative.

Another benefit to LineEx barriers is the potential for effective branding. With 8 standard color options, Gaines and his team chose blue, to match the pool and color scheme of the Aquatic Center.
As a means to collect extra sponsorship dollars, Tamis suggested barrier jackets to cover the barricades. These barrier jackets acted as ground-level billboards to event attendees. While the barrier is serving its purpose as a crowd management tool, a jacket enables that space to promote a brand, team, or site. Sponsor logos and messaging were placed on attractive, colorful vinyl jackets. Sticker decals were also used to feature logos, directional messages, and other sponsored advertising.

The Outcome

“I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you and Team Tamis. It was great meeting you. I appreciate you coming down all the way from Pittsburgh!” Gaines noted. “If there is anything I can do for you guys down the line let me know and I have a few more banner purchases (among other things) to send your way and will do so ASAP.”

The end result was a happy customer, a secure perimeter, and effective brand awareness for sponsors. Altogether, the plastic barricades, barrier jackets, and decals were a winning combination of form and function. As an additional benefit to sponsors, to give them more exposure during the event, we were able to create a custom jacket for each sponsor. We worked with their marketing departments to get the information we needed.

Plastic Barrier With Jackets

Plastic Barriers Around Pool

Plastic Barriers With Covers

Plastic Barrier And Covers

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