The Gap’s “Be Bright NYC” Campaign

Last updated Friday, October 6th, 2023

Be Connected 300X225 1The Gap needed barrier jackets on Broadway. Time was running out. Tamis stepped up.

It was an out-of-the-ordinary order with a quick turnaround time and a hard deadline.  The strategic marketing firm working on The Gap’s massive “Be Bright NYC” campaign requested 30 barrier jackets to cover crowd control barricades in Herald Square in New York City.

In order to match the other elements of the branding campaign, the jackets needed to be made of premium Sunbrella® material and feature detailed seven-color artwork.  And they needed to be done fast – in time for the October 10th opening of the Gap’s flagship store.

They came to

The store’s “Be Bright/Be Connected” marketing campaign, rolled out in Fall 2012, was designed to generate publicity about the remodeling and opening of the store on 34th and Broadway in New York City.  The barrier jackets, featuring the campaign’s logo, were part of a larger marketing mix which also featured the campaign’s logo on umbrellas, tables, and chairs in the Herald Square area.

To create the barrier jackets, and coordinate their delivery, worked closely with Bryant Park Restoration on its 34th Street Partnership, and the strategic marketing firm Grow Marketing.

This highly-successful project spotlighted several of the advantages that brings to the table when working with companies trying to promote their brand via non-traditional marketing avenues.  The experience on the Gap campaign provides perfect insight into the following questions situations.

Your Goals and Needs

If your goal is to blanket any particular location with your logo or message, don’t forget to take advantage of the space on crowd control barriers. These barriers are often placed in highly visible locations, so you’ll make significant marketing/branding impact by putting your logo on a barrier jacket. The Gap “owned” Herald Square during their campaign, in part because their message on barrier jackets complemented their message on umbrellas, tables, and chairs.

While most barrier jackets are made from vinyl material, the Gap’s jackets were printed on premium Sunbrella acrylic material. Jackets made from Sunbrella have an “upscale” look, last longer, and retain their color for a longer period of time.

We can easily handle this relatively unusual request. The Gap’s jackets were double-sided, with the “Be Bright” wording on one side and “Be Connected” wording on the other.

While most jacket designs are 4-color, the goal for The Gap jackets was to have the colors exactly match the multiple colors of the company’s “Be Bright” campaign. So, these jackets featured a seven-color design, with meticulous attention to detail in our printing process.

We go the extra mile for our customers. To get the jackets into the hands of The Gap in time for the store’s opening on October 10th, our print shop worked over the Columbus Day weekend.

Bottom Line — Partner with Tamis Corporation’s Barrier Jackets Division for:

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