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We have been supplying state-of-the-art crowd control products to sites and events throughout North America for more than 30 years. Interlocking steel crowd control barriers are used at major public events, sports events, festivals, performing arts venues, and parades to keep crowds in lines or other designated spaces.

Plastic barricades and water-filled Plastic Jersey barriers can also be set up to direct pedestrian or vehicle traffic. To manage attendees in waiting lines, use traditional post and rope, or retractable-belt stanchions.

Steel Barriers

Blockader Steel Barriers are used for crowd control and crowd management in situations ranging from major public events to small parades and festivals. Barriers can designate line space and block off restricted areas at any site.

Water-Filled Plastic Barriers

Plastic Jersey Barriers, which can be filled with water (or sometimes sand) for stability, are ideal for providing blockage of “no entry” areas, and extra safety and security at your site. They can be used to redirect traffic or pedestrians, and to clearly establish crosswalks, loading zones or construction areas.

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Setting up a portable-post-with-retractable belt line management system is a proven way to organize space and keep lines moving in an orderly, safe way. Each unit features a stanchion (post), a belt, and a cassette unit.

Post and Rope

Classic post and rope is a traditional, stylish line management system often seen at hotels, banks and restaurants. Post and rope provides an elegant look that can match any décor.


Turnstiles are used at many sites for the dual purposes of attendance accuracy and crowd control. If you need to verify the accuracy of your attendance information, or provide an orderly method of ticketed entry to your site, turnstiles give you accurate information and increase safety at your site.

Pedestrian Barriers

Easy to handle and store, our plastic crowd control barriers are a colorful, lightweight alternative to steel barriers. In addition to being used for crowd control and line management, they are sometimes used in parking lots and on streets in lieu of traffic cones.