Optical Turnstiles/Pedestrian Security LanesIntroduction Optical turnstiles (also sometimes referred to as “pedestrian security lanes”) use card-access systems and/or sensors to detect and count people walking through the lane.  They are an efficient and generally more stylish update of the traditional turnstile system, while providing state-of-the art security access control. Features/Advantages of Optical Turnstiles –Aesthetic/style: Pedestrian lanes provide a […]
Parking blocks and bollard coversIf you manage a parking lot or garage, whether it’s a stand-alone public parking site, the lot at a public venue, or the parking area at a business, you have a vested interest in reducing the likelihood of “fender bender” accidents in your lots. Parking blocks and bollards are two products that will reduce the […]
Traffic Cones: An OverviewTraffic cones are a common sight on highways, streets, parking lots, and work and construction sites.  They are used to designate “no access” areas and to provide motorists, pedestrians, and workers with warnings regarding the danger of entering these areas.  They are popularly understood and accepted and are thus an effective way of re-directing vehicle […]
Company Logos on Barrier Covers Get NoticedBarrier jackets are prime advertising space, and placing your company logo on these barrier covers – which are usually located in high-visibility areas – can give an extra push to your branding initiatives.  Our team of designers will work with your existing logo or artwork, but we also have created special elaborate custom barricade jackets […]
Custom Bollard Covers for Parking Lot Safety Colorful bollard covers, made of polyethylene, give your lot an attractive, eye-catching look. They improve your aesthetics and they make your bollards more visible to drivers. And they eliminate the need for constant re-painting.
New Extremely Portable Retracting Police Barrier The Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barricade is a foldable police barrier that can easily be transported in police cruisers and is simple to store. This heavy-duty 37 lb barrier provides immediate security with minimal set-up and transportation effort.
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