Beware of Inferior Barriers Produced to Achieve Cost-CuttingCustomers who choose crowd control barriers strictly on the basis of price often deal with suppliers that cut corners on quality.  Purchasing lower-cost but lower-quality barriers can often have negative long-term consequences. Experienced buyers of crowd control barricades know the difference between cheap knock-off barriers and high-quality products that meet the standards established for use […]
How to Identify Heavy Duty Crowd Control BarriersA new slide show video presentation on the Blockader website ( provides an overview on how to choose quality crowd control barricades, and how to identify companies which supply heavy duty, rust-resistant steel barricades. Because it is difficult to assess crowd control barrier quality based on a picture on a website, Blockader provides information and […]
Steel Barricades - When to use Which BarrierCrowd control barricades are used at a wide variety of locations, from events that draw tens of thousands of attendees to outdoor cafes serving only a few dozen patrons. These interlocking steel barriers can be used to physically block large crowds from entering a no-access area, or to serve as a visual signpost which will […]
Building Brand Awareness with Barrier Jackets and Outdoor Banners Barrier jackets, covers which fit over crowd control barriers, are commonly placed in very visible locations, resulting in numerous exposures for any logo appearing on the jackets. Outdoor banners, flag-type displays, are similarly placed in high-traffic areas for the express purpose of attracting exposure to a logo or message. In surveys, patrons frequently have high recall of brands and logos they have been exposed via items such as banners and barrier jackets at major public events.
Heavy Duty BLOCKADER vs. Standard BLOCKADERThe Classic Blockader crowd control barricade has been a staple at many events and sites since its introduction over 30 years ago. More recently, Blockader introduced a Standard model which is a little lighter in weight and more economically priced. The Classic Heavy Duty Blockader remains the ideal choice for organizations that don’t want to […]
Are you buying disposable barriers?You may not know it but the steel barriers you are buying may be what are known as disposable barriers.  Disposable barriers are steel barriers that are only designed to last less than two years.  They have a great price tag, unfortunately, life is not as great.  Even worse, they start showing severe visual signs […]
How To Select Steel Barrier BasesIntroduction The most vulnerable part of a steel barricade is its bases.  The wear and tear caused by the use and movement of a steel barrier will most often become evident in damage to the bases. To minimize the risk of having any of your barriers “out of commission” due to base damage, purchase barriers […]
PVC Coated Barricades: A Hazard From Start to FinishPolyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) is one of the most widely used plastics in production today. However, this material is proven to have a profound negative impact on human health and the environment. In fact, PVC is hazardous throughout its entire life cycle, from production through use and disposal. In one year of production, PVC consumes […]
Hot Dip Galvanized Barriers – Long Life Span, Good InvestmentTo ensure that any crowd control barriers you purchase will have a long-life span, make sure they are hot-dip galvanized. Barriers that are only painted, rather than hot-dip galvanized, will begin to rust quickly.  And rust is most frequently seen at the point where the bases meet the frame. The Tamis Corporation, manufacturer and supplier […]
Beer Garden Kits Regulations and OrdnancesWhether it is a festival, parade, concert or tradeshow, Beer Gardens are useful for any event. A Beer Garden is defined as an open area where beer and other alcoholic beverages are served or consumed. Generally, Beer Garden barriers promote safety and set restrictions to actions (such as underage drinking) and allows event staff to better […]
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